A Dozen Reasons to Support the Bay Area Resource Center

A Dozen Reasons to Support the
Bay Area Resource Center & Community Campus

  1. The Bay Area Resource Center will bring together a comprehensive continuum of health, housing, and vocational programs supported by various service providers to offer desperately needed services for local men, women, adolescents, families with children, and veterans on the 70+ acre community campus.
  2. The Resource Center will be operated by an independent organization, named “Bay Area Resource Center and Community Campus, Inc.”,  that will provide services to all those in need, free from discrimination for any reason.  This organization has been incorporated and has made application for its tax exempt status.
  3. Funding for the Resource Center will come from local fundraising, private foundation grants and federal grants.  Local governments are not expected to contribute to ongoing operations of the facility once the land is secured for the Center.
  4. The Community Campus will provide facilities for housing, counseling, training and other services on a single secure and well-maintained site.  In this setting, all participants will be treated with dignity and care, with an emphasis on a strong work ethic.  The Resource Center will provide these services in a location that gives participants the best possible services with the least possible impact on local residents’ homes and businesses.  
  5. By helping downtown Panama City address the issue of “vagrants,” the City Marina and other economic development projects will be able to move forward.  As other municipalities and Bay County lend their support, the Bay Area Resource Center will become a one-stop location for the entire community to help those less fortunate.
  6. Case managers will work with each client to customize an individual plan that lays out a path to successful re-entry into the community with the skills necessary to maintain independence.  The Resource Center will partner with many service providers to offer a continuum of care that will give individuals the best chance of success.
  7. The Resource Center’s integrated case management and centralized data management systems will benefit both the participants and the community.  Participants will receive much needed services while duplication of services will be reduced, resulting in substantial cost savings. 
  8. The Resource Center will act as a diversion program for law enforcement that can save up to $150 per night per person housed on the Resource Center’s campus, instead of in the county jail. The Center will also provide savings for our community in emergency room expenses, court costs and other law enforcement expenditures.   In addition, this program will provide a gateway for diversion participants to access the training and assistance they need to become productive members of the community.
  9. The Resource Center will provide a support system for our partner service providers, including components such as a safe and secure location for service delivery, a centralized data management system, volunteer recruitment and placement, staff development, and ongoing grants research and funding opportunities.
  10. The Resource Center will position itself and partner providers to compete for federal dollars by implementing best practices and by facilitating programs in compliance with HEARTH ACT requirements that are vital to obtaining federal funding going forward.
  11. The Resource Center will position our city to attract nationally recognized service providers, such as Volunteers of America, to collaborate on our campus by providing services to their constituencies such as veterans, teens at risk, and others.
  12. Construction on the Resource Center Campus and the annual operating budget of the Center will bring new economic activity to Panama City.  New jobs will be created by this project and new workers will be empowered by the programs offered by the Center.