Bay Area Resource Center Housing Goals and Objectives
Working Draft

GOAL  1:  Provide a full continuum of housing options for participants


  1. Provide Emergency Shelter, Level 1
  2. Provide Emergency Shelter for families
  3. Provide Transitional housing facilities
  4. Provide short-term Transitional housing facilities for families
  5. Provide Transitional Supportive housing units
  6. Provide short-term detox/substance abuse treatment dormitory
  7. Provide respite units
  8. Provide permanent housing options
  9. Encourage the development of mixed use housing communities

GOAL 2: Promote prevention of homelessness, rapid re-entry and housing first philosophy


  1. Attract providers with “housing first” philosophy
  2. Coordinate with national programs
  3. Establish a preference for homeless with local Public Housing Authorities

GOAL 3:  Determine feasibility and benefit of creating a Housing Trust Fund to support homeless prevention and affordable housing programs.


  1. Review existing Trust Fund organizations
  2. Create an Affordable Housing Trust Fund
  3. Conduct Resource Development Activities
  4. Designate abandoned properties for acquisition

(c) JLS 7-2012