Bay Area Resource Center Education Plan
Working Draft


GOAL 1: Provide educational programs to prevent and address homeless and poverty issues.


  1. Promote adult educations programs- Provide literacy programs for post-secondary adults to make sure persons are better prepared for the employment market.
  2. Promote life skills training in middle and high school-Provide life skills training and money management training in high school so that persons are better prepared to emancipate and maintain their self-sufficiency.
  3. Promote vocational skills training in middle and high schools-Implement and/or expand opportunities for students to learn a variety of skills in preparation for employment so that persons gain necessary skills to obtain employment and self-sufficiency.
  4. Promote innovative programs that support skill training for youth in the school system
  5. Provide skilled apprenticeship programs
  6. Develop new programs for skills training

(c) JLS 07-2010