Participant Intake

Program participants undergo an initial intake process that includes meeting their immediate needs.  The goal of this step is rescue and identification.

We provide emergency shelter, food, personal hygiene, clothing, and entry into the HMIS system including an ID card that gives participants access to further services offered by the Community Resource Center.

Triage and Initial Assessment

At this step, we work to meet primary needs of participants.  This involves a comprehensive physical and psycho-social assessment through a health care clinic.  This can lead to providing prescription medications as indicated, detox programs if needed and/or mental health consultations.  The goal of this step is stabilization of participants so they are ready for the next steps.

Master Case Management

This step is where participants work with counselors to develop a transformation plan for their lives.  We work with participants to determine their short term and long term needs.  We help prioritize those needs.  We consult our partner organization service providers.  Through this process, we develop a comprehensive treatment plan that will create the opportunity for success for our participants.  Once the plan is in place, we monitor each participants progress and results.


At this stage, we are concerned with meeting the participants ongoing needs.  We offer transitional or supportive housing, work and/or vocational training programs and live skills management training through on site programs.  The goal at this stage is for each participant to graduate to living independently and becoming a contributing member of the community.

Follow Along for Sustainable Success

Once participants have graduated, the Community Resource Center is committed to continuing to provide support, technical assistance and referrals to our clients.  We assist participants with locating and obtaining permanent housing and employment.