The Bay Area Resource Center and Community Campus Seeks to Collaborate with Our Partners to Provide a Full Continuum of Support Services

Currently, task force members are in the process of assessing partners and service providers to determine how fit all the pieces together to best to serve our participants.

We are actively seeking partnerships with:

  • Local Service Provider Agencies-These are charitable organizations that are already providing services to our participants within our community.
  • State and Federal Service Provider Agencies-These agencies are currently offering services for persons in our community.  We will collaborate with them to make sure participants are receiving services.
  • Local Churches, Mosques,Synagogues and other faith based organizations
  • Local Law Enforcement
  • Other interested organizations.

Our Partner related goals are to:

  • Create an Advisory Board comprised of providers that operate programs in collaboration with the Bay Area Resource Center. 
  • Provide provide facilities to house service providers.
  • Provide a central point of intake for participants.
  • Coordinate service delivery to participants through our integrated case management system.
  • Provide centralized staff training.
  • Provide centralized volunteer management