Welcome to the Bay Area Resource Center and Community Campus website

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization dedicated to bringing a new facility to serve our community to life!

Persons in need and without shelter who are vulnerable and struggling to survive are part of our community.  Just like you and me, they live here and they are part of our daily environment.  How we choose to help our fellow citizens demonstrates much about who we are and how well we understand the needy and homelessness dilemma. 

The Bay Area Resource Center and Community Campus is based on having our community stop supporting a system that not only allows but enables the homeless to remain in their homeless state.  Instead, we want to move forward as a community, acknowledge the need and pursue the best solutions available.

What People Saying

  • What about those who do not want help from programs? “We’re still going to have a community that’s very giving. How do we keep that from continuing to overwhelm our efforts?”

    Guy Tunnell, Bay County Commissioner
  • “The good news for people, the mayor is starting to address it, but when you compare it to like size cities, the problem is significantly worse here than other locations I’ve seen. It’s comparable to a city with a million in a half and that’s why I think they are starting to make some changes.”

    Dr. Robert Marbut, Marbut Consulting