Press Release

Panama City, FL, November 13, 2012— Members of Mayor Brudnicki’s Community Resource  Center (CRC) Task Force, appointed by the Mayor to address the community problems of homelessness and poverty, tonight present a summary of their activities to the City Commission, prior to requesting that the City Commissioners sign a contract to purchase land for the new Resource Center. Those working on the project, now incorporated under the name “Bay Area Resource Center and Community Campus, Inc.” have spent months seeking the best possible location for the resource center and its surrounding campus. The Task Force has made an effort to balance the importance of accessibility for the homeless, with the importance of finding a site with the least impact upon local residents and businesses.

Brent Faison, Chairman of the Facilities Committee of the Task Force states, “The Bay Area Resource Center is in final contract negotiations on the purchase of a subject property. The property has been selected based on location, size, cost, and ability to meet both the short-term and long-term needs of the Bay County community. The site is approximately 70 acres and is located along the Star Avenue corridor.”

Purchasing the land for this new facility is a process. Mr. Faison explains, “The effective date of the contract is intended to be established by the end of November.  Ongoing due diligence efforts continue and include annexation, a Comprehensive Plan amendment, surveying and permitting.  A development order will be sought at a future date based on estimated construction timelines.” 

In looking toward the future of this project, Mayor Brudnicki stated, “We are committed to benefit the community and work together.” Emily Dowdy, Task Force Chairperson said, “We are all passionate about improving the plight of the poor and homeless. We think we are off to a good start with the identification of this parcel of land for our campus.”

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